About Us

ACI Group, Inc is dedicated to providing its clients with prompt , thorough investigations making service our top priority. Our mandate is quality over quantity, hence our promise to you, that we will always remain committed to providing the level of service our customer deserves.

We begin by listening to your requests, then utilizing the vast experience of our accomplished staff to conduct discrete, productive investigations in a timely manner. After the investigation is completed, your report is packaged in a clear and concise format with the understanding that it is a legal document and therefore should be presented as such. Too often, investigative companies expand too quickly to maintain the level of service you, as our client, deserves. Our philosophy is to remain small, placing a premium on service and consistency, hiring only well-trained, experienced Investigators, ensuring your satisfaction on every investigation.

ACI Group pledges that we will provide you with the peace of mind that when assigning an investigation to us, you will be receiving an accurate, detailed assessment of the subjects activities in a timely and consistent manner.

Our Team Members

TA, Owner
BS, Criminal Justice, 19 years in the investigative field, 14 of which spent in the insurance industry.

LS, Investigator
16 years as an insurance investigator, speaks 3 languages, was top performer for prior employer for several years.

DS, Investigator
7 years as a claims adjuster with a national P&C company before becoming an insurance investigator for the last 14 years. He held the position of senior investigator and trainer before coming to ACI Group.

AL, Female Investigator
BS Criminal Justice, 9 years as an insurance investigator including 4 years as a supervisor.

MF, Female Investigator
BS in Criminal Justice, 12 years in the Investigative field, including three years for the State of Massachusetts.

SW, Investigator
14 years as an Insurance Investigator.

DD, Investigator
Criminal investigator for State police 22 years, Private Investigator for 9 years.

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